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Using a peristaltic pump with your Pioreactor

Attaching the pump

You can attach up to three peristaltic pumps to your Pioreactor, typically used for: adding fresh media to the vial, removing effluent from the vial, and adding an alternative media to the vial.

First decided what you want this pump to do: add media, remove waste, or add alternative media. Pumps that are supplied by us will have a polarized connector that connects to the PWM outputs on the Pioreactor hat. Which PWM you use is determined by your PWM settings in config.ini.

In our case, if we were to use the pump as a media pump, we would connect the pump to PWM channel 2.

Running the pump


Pump calibrations must be run first, see section on calibrating a pump

Once finished calibrating, you can run your pump manually and programmatically.

Manually from the web interface

Manually from the command line

pio run add_media --ml 3

or, if you wish to run continuously until interrupted.

pio run add_media --continuously

Programmatically in automations

Dosing automations are available to run once your pumps are attached and calibrated. Read more about automations.