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Dosing and LED updates


You can run the pumps from the Pioreactor UI. These are NOT automations, but rather simple actions to use to set up an experiment, perform cleaning, or intervene in an experiment.


Under the Dosing tab, you run the media pump or the alt-media pump and concurrently the waste pump. This is called cycling. By running the waste pump simultaneously, the vial will avoid overflow. You can cycle for a set duration of time.

UI showing how to cycle media.

Cycling is good for cleaning pumps, priming tubes with media, or filling your vial with media.

Specific control of pumps

Under the Dosing tab, you can also run specific pumps (media, waste, and alt-media) for a specific duration, volumes (if calibrated), or continuously. The latter will run until the Stop button is pressed.


Careful not to overflow your vial! The vial can hold 20ml, but stay well below this.

UI showing how to add media.

Adjustments from manual changes

Sometimes you may want to add or remove liquid from the vial manually. These changes can be recorded by using the Manual adjustments form under the Dosing tab. These do not run the pumps, but will log the adjustments. This is useful for recording adjustments into the database, and keeping metrics accurate.


Under the LED tab, you can update specific intensities of the LEDs.

UI showing how to change LEDs.