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Introduction to Automations

So far, we’ve worked with basic activities that you can directly set as a one time thing, typically at the beginning of your experiment (turning stirring, OD, and growth rate readings on). For more complex experiments, we introduce automations.

Automations are preset functions that are automated, or performed by the Pioreactor without the need of your intervention. This is great for when you want to change the environment of your experiment in some way, whether periodically or at a given time — and you don’t want to change your settings every time!

Some examples:

  • Every hour, you want to introduce new media and remove old media using pumps.
  • When working with phototrophs (such as algae), you want to create “day/night” cycles by turning on/off your LEDs.

Setting automations can be done so that the Pioreactor performs these tasks automatically. These automations can be found under Activities, when you Manage your Pioreactor.