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Before you begin

Step 1: Upgrade parts #

You will need:

  1. The parts provided in your upgrade kit:
  • Top vial holder
  • Bottom vial holder
  • #024 O-ring
  • #121 O-ring
  • Top faceplate
  • Flat headed 5mm screws (2x)
  • M2.5 4mm screws (2x)
  • M2.5 10mm screw (1x)
  1. Your original Pioreactor v1.0, to be upgraded.
  2. A Philip's head screwdriver.

Step 2: Use all the information available to you #

  • Before starting a step, read all instructions and view all photos at the bottom of each step.
  • Most of the labels are scaled 1:1 and can be used to identify parts.

Missing a part? Email us at, we're happy to help.

Step 3: Electronics protection #

Here are some tips to prevent damage to the electronics:

  • Keep the electronics inside the ESD bag right until you are asked to install them.
  • Always touch the sides of the board while manipulating with it. Avoid touching the chips, capacitors, and other parts of the electronics.
  • Before you touch the electronics, use any conductive (steel) structure nearby to neutralize any electro-static energy.
  • Be extra cautious in rooms with carpets, which are a source of electrostatic energy.
  • Clothes made of wool and certain synthetic fabrics can easily gather static electricity. It is safer to wear cotton clothing.

Step 4: We are here for you! #

  • If you get stuck, missing a piece, or are unsure of something, let us know!
  • You can reach out to us at!
  • Continue to the next assembly instructions.