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Before you begin

Below are the instructions for assembling up your Pioreactor. You can expect the assembly to take approximately 15 minutes.

Need help?

We're here to help! Feel free to send us a message to if you get stuck or need clarification.

Step 0: Necessary tools & tips

You will need the following tools to assemble your Pioreactor:

  1. Your own Raspberry Pi (Rpi)
    • Displayed are three examples
  2. A Philip's head screwdriver
  3. Needle-nose pliers

The hardware assembly is split into 4 pages, each targeting a different component of the Pioreactor. These include:

  • The heating PCB
  • The fan (or stirring) PCB
  • Cables with bulbs for optical density readings
  • The Raspberry Pi and HAT, which control everything above
  • The vial holder

The 40 GPIO pins (standing for general-purpose input/output) form a distinct row on one side of the Rpi and HAT. Note the orientation of these pins to help you assemble correctly!