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Connect the optics system

Step 1: Connecting heater and stirring to the HAT

  1. Open the flat flex cable connector on the HAT by pulling the tabs outward, like previously.
  2. Insert the flex cable copper-side up.
  3. Push the tabs inward to secure the flex cable.
  4. Insert the stirring power connector into PWM channel 1.

Step 2: Optic cables assembly

  1. You will need PD cables (2x; dark bulbs) and IR cable (1x; clear bulb).
  2. Insert the connector of either PD cable into PD channel 1.
  3. Place the connector of the other PD cable into PD channel 2.
  4. Insert the connector of the IR cable into channel A.

Step 3: Inserting the bulbs into the vial holder

  1. Insert the bulb of the PD cable in channel 1 into the pocket labeled REF, as seen in the image.
    • Bend the bulb's leads 90 degrees, as seen.
    • If needed, secure it in place with one of the 8 pocket caps.
  2. Insert the bulb of the PD cable in channel 2 into the pocket labeled 90°.
  3. Insert the bulb of the IR cable in channel A into the pocket labeled IR.

Step 4: Add the rest of the pocket caps

  1. Push all remaining LED pocket caps onto each pocket.
  2. Your Pioreactor is complete! 🚀 You can now insert your vial and begin installing the software.