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Attaching the wetware to the HAT asssembly

Step 1: Necessary parts #

  • Fan (this may come attached to the top faceplate already)
  • Top faceplate (note the long indent where the GPIO will pins go)

Step 2: Assembling the stirring apparatus #


This step may already be done for you. If so, move the to next step.

  1. Push the fan on top of the screws on the faceplate. The wire should be oriented towards the side labeled PWM. You may need to wiggle the screw ends a bit to align everything well, and apply some careful force.

Step 3: Securing the vial holder #

  1. Place the vial holder on top of the faceplate piece. The flat cable should follow the arrow on the faceplate.
  2. Holding it together, finish screwing the bottom of the faceplate. The screws will enter square nuts in the vial holder. Do not overtighten.
  3. The screw heads will be flush with the faceplate, and there should be no screw threads showing between the vial holder and the faceplate.
  4. Use the screwdriver to check that the fan can spin freely without rubbing against the screws above.

Step 4: Attaching the vial holder to the HAT #

  1. Place the vial holder assembly onto the Raspberry Pi/HAT.
    • The GPIO pins align with the side notch of the faceplate.
  2. Using the 6mm screws, attach the top and bottom pieces in each corner.
  3. Continue to the next page.

Step 5: Connecting heater and stirring to the HAT #

  1. Open the flat flex cable connector on the HAT by pulling the tabs outward, like done previously.
  2. Insert the flex cable copper-side up.
  3. Push the tabs inward to secure the flex cable.
  4. Insert the stirring power connector into PWM channel 1 (unlabelled).