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Wetware assembly

Step 1: Necessary parts #

You will need:

  • Vial holder
  • Heating PCB
  • Thermal pad (contains blue cover on one side and clear plastic on the other)
  • Flat flex cable
  • M2.5 4mm screws (2x)

Step 2: Placing the heating pad #

  1. Remove the clear plastic from one side of the thermal pad.
  2. Place the side on the flat (aluminum) part of the heating PCB. Apply downwards pressure to secure it.
  3. Remove the blue protective plastic on top of the thermal pad.
  4. Flip the PCB over. On the white-&-beige cable connector, pull the beige-colored tabs outward to open it.
  5. Insert the flex cable blue side down, copper side up, into the cable connector.
  6. Then push the beige tabs back in to secure the flex cable.

Step 3: Securing the heating PCB into the vial holder #

  1. Identify the slot on the vial holder where the flex cable will go through.
  2. Insert the flex cable in the vial holder, and through the slot, with the blue side of the cable facing upwards.
  3. Pull the cable through until the heating PCB is flat with the bottom of the vial holder.
  4. Secure the PCB from the bottom using the two M2.5 4mm screws.
  5. Important: the screw heads should be flush against the bottom of the vial holder, that is, no gap. You may need to unscrew and screw in again, or use pliers.
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