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UI is reporting "Stirring RPM is 0", or stirring self-test failed.

First, with the stirring activity running, carefully examine if the fan below is spinning.

  • If the fan is not spinning,
    • Check to confirm that the fan's cable is in the right PMW channel. You can find the right PWM channel to use in the config.ini, under [PWM] (also check that it is not overwritten in the unit specific config.ini)
    • Does the fan start to spin momentarily, but then stop? You may need to increase the target RPM in the UI. The lower limit of RPM is around 125. Target RPMs below 125 have a tendency to stall.
    • Visually inspect the fan. Is it touching the screws above it (see image below)? Can it spin freely if you try to spin it with a pen or pencil?
    • Very gently wiggle the connection between the stirring wires and the HAT - does the fan start? It may be a bad connection. Contact us at
    • The fan may be damaged. Contact us at
  • If the fan is spinning:
    • In most cases, this issue occurs when the fan is situated too far from the sensors on the PCB above it.
      • There should be no visible metal from the screw at the interface between the vial holder and the top faceplate's arms. See image below.
      • Try pushing the fan only slightly higher up using a pen, pencil or thin rod. Avoid moving the fan too high up and hitting the vial holder's screws.
      • Try moderately tightening the screws on the bottom of the top faceplate.
    • Are the two magnets still present on the fan? Visually inspect from the side, or unscrew the top faceplate from the vial holder to see better.
    • The heater PCB may be damaged. Contact us at

The magnets rub against the plastic screws above them, causing the stirring performance to be degraded / stop.

Detach the top faceplate. Under the faceplate, slightly unscrew each of the four metal screws. This action will create more space between the magnets and the plastic screws.

Stir bar is not spinning

  1. Check that the vial is pushed down all the way.
  2. Try moving the fan closer to the vial holder by gently tightening the screws on the bottom of the top faceplate.
  3. The liquid in the vial may be too viscous for the mixing to work.

Stirring is not able to keep a steady RPM

  1. Consider decreasing the value of Kp in the section in the config.ini by 50%.
  2. Are you trying to target a very low RPM? The lower limit of RPM is around 125. Target RPMs below 125 have a tendency to stall.
  3. Try performing a stirring calibration.

My stir bar keeps skipping. How can I reduce that?

  1. Consider reducing your target RPM.
  2. Check if the vial is pushed all the way down.
  3. From the side profile, check that no metal from the screws is showing ⇒ the vial is straight vertically.

Raspberry Pi shuts off or restarts when stirring is turned on from the UI

This is likely caused by a short circuit in the fan's cable assembly. Remove the fan's power cable, and remove the plastic housing by applying pressure on the exposed metal tabs and gently pulling the wires out. Check for any stray wire strands.