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Hardware and operation

My Pioreactor isn't responsive anymore

If your Pioreactor stops being responsive (and was previously working),

  • For Raspberry Pi 3A model, is the Pi's green LED constantly on?
    • there should be a short, perhaps caused by damage. Power off, and disconnect the heater PCB's flat-flex cable from the HAT (unlock, and pull straight out), and power on. Is the Pioreactor responsive now? Investigate the heater PCB for damage.

I see a "Pioreactor HAT must be present" error, but the HAT is definitely attached.

  • Is your HAT directly connected to the Raspberry Pi, or are you using a long cable to connect them? Long cables tend to degrade signals, which can cause communication problems between the HAT and RPi.

I see "The internal ADC/DAC is not responding. Exiting."

  • SSH into the Pioreactor that's causing problems. Run pio version -v. Does the firmware section say 0.0? If so, run sudo systemctl restart load_rp2040.service. Try pio version -v again. Continue below if firmware still says 0.0.
  • Disconnect the heater PCB's flat-flex cable from the HAT (unlock, and pull straight out). Try pio version -v again. If this shows something other than 0.0 beside firmware, there could be a problem with your heater PCB. Email us at
  • See section above.

I see "Heating PCB must be attached to Pioreactor HAT" or Heating PCB must be present to measure RPM." errors.

Check the connection between the 3" flat-flex-cable and the HAT, and the connection on the heater PCB. It's possible that the connector could have been pulled out by accident.

I'm having trouble with Pioreactor's stirring.

See our stirring troubleshooting docs.