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User interface

The web UI is hosted on the leader Pioreactor. Here are the details:

Web server

The web server we use is lighttp, and hosted from /var/www/pioreactorui. This folder is actually a git repo, and pulls from pioreactorui GH repo. Systemd controls starting and restarting lighttp.

The lighttp conf file is located in /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/50-pioreactorui.conf. Error logs (though not helpful) are in /var/log/lighttpd/error.log.


The backend app is a Flask app, with entry point in /var/www/pioreactorui/main.fcgi. The app uses Huey as background workers to perform pio tasks, save to disk, etc. Huey is controlled by systemd huey.service.

To update on the Pioreactor leader, use pio update --ui. This also restarts the server.


The frontend is a React app, with Material UI. The source code is at pioreactorui_frontend. To update the front end, locally I will build the site in a local version of pioreactorui_frontend, (automatically) mv the necessary assets to local repo of pioreactorui, commit and push. Then on the Pioreactor, one can run pio update --ui. This also restarts the server.

DNS name resolution to pioreactor.local

To allow for pioreactor.local to be an alias for <leader hostname>.local, we use mdns provided by avahi. There is a systemd service, avahi_alias.service, that will point pioreactor.local to <leader hostname>.local.

Restarting the web UI

sudo systemctl restart lighttp && sudo systemctl restart huey


  • Start up logs from systemd are in sudo systemctl status lighttpd.service.
  • Logs for the backend and background workers are located in /var/log/pioreactorui.log.