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Adding behaviour to the HAT's button

You can add a hook to what happens when the button is pressed on the Pioreactor HAT. For example, you could do things like:

  • Flash an LED on when the button is pressed
  • Cycle media: turn on both media and waste pumps for as long as the button is compressed for
  • Pause a job, example: pause OD reading so you can take the vial out of the sleeve to inspect
  • Spike the culture via dosing

To do this, you need to write a small plugin that can be placed in the Pioreactor's /home/pioreactor/.pioreactor/plugins folder. Here's an example on how to turn on LED channel B for as long as the button is compressed:

The background job Monitor is the job that listens to button state changes. There are hooks in that class
to add callbacks for button down and button up.
from pioreactor.background_jobs.monitor import Monitor
from pioreactor.actions.led_intensity import led_intensity

def on(*args):
led_intensity({'B': 20}, verbose=False, source_of_event="button")

def off(*args):
led_intensity({'B': 0}, verbose=False, source_of_event="button")


An example to pause a job over MQTT:

from pioreactor.background_jobs.monitor import  Monitor
from pioreactor.pubsub import publish
from pioreactor.whoami import get_latest_experiment_name, get_unit_name


def pause(*args):
publish(f"pioreactor/{get_unit_name()}/{get_latest_experiment_name()}/{target}/$state/set", "sleeping")

def unpause(*args):
publish(f"pioreactor/{get_unit_name()}/{get_latest_experiment_name()}/{target}/$state/set", "ready")