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Important locations on the filesystem

Below is a list of important locations and files on the filesystem for the Pioreactor:


  • /var/www/pioreactorui/ is the source of the web-app.
  • /var/www/pioreactorui/.env holds some configuration for the UI.
  • /var/www/pioreactorui/contrib/ holds yaml files that display automation data, job data, and chart data.
  • /home/pioreactor/.pioreactor/plugins/ui/contrib/ also holds yaml files, like the above.


  • /var/log/pioreactor.log is the log file for the Pioreactor app
  • /var/log/pioreactorui.log is the log file for the Pioreactor UI


  • /home/pioreactor/.pioreactor/storage/ holds the main database, backup of the database, and persistent caches.
  • /tmp/ holds temporary caches. Files in here are not kept between reboots.

Bash scripts

  • /usr/local/bin/ store bash scripts that are used when working with the filesystem: installing plugins, updating code, etc.


  • /home/pioreactor/.pioreactor/ holds all configuration files for the Pioreactor UI and app, the main one being config.ini


  • /home/pioreactor/.pioreactor/plugins/ is where Python files can be added.
  • /home/pioreactor/.pioreactor/plugins/ui/contrib/ also holds UI yaml files for custom Python code.

Experiment profiles

  • /home/pioreactor/.pioreactor/experiment_profiles/ is where experiment profiles (yaml) are stored.