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Avoiding when optical density is run

It's common to want a feature to turn off, or more generally change behaviour, when a sensitive optical density reading is taken. For example, if running a air bubbler, you may want to turn if off before an OD reading is taken, and then turn if back on after.

This behaviour is so common, we've added a helper class to take care of it for you. In pioreactor.background_jobs.base is the class BackgroundJobWithDodgingContrib that implements most of the "dodging" behaviour for you. you'll only need to do three things:

  1. Inherit from BackgroundJobWithDodgingContrib, instead of BackgroundJobContrib
from pioreactor.background_jobs.base import BackgroundJobWithDodgingContrib

class JustPause(BackgroundJobWithDodgingContrib):
  1. Fill in what to do before, and after, an OD reading takes place by implementing method action_to_do_before_od_reading and action_to_do_after_od_reading, respectively.
class JustPause(BackgroundJobWithDodgingContrib):


def action_to_do_before_od_reading(self):
# example

def action_to_do_after_od_reading(self):
# example

  1. We also want some "buffer" time before and after an OD reading. For example, if using a bubbler, we want the bubbles to dissipate before taking an OD reading. To set these times, add the following to your config.ini:
enable_dodging_od=1 # 1 if you want the behaviour, 0 to disable it.

And you're done!